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Andrew Schulman, JD, LL.M. (IP) is a computer programmer, source-code examiner, attorney, and author of several books on the internal operation of Microsoft operating systems, including Undocumented Windows and Undocumented DOS. Since 1994 he has assisted attorneys and their clients with technical aspects of litigation (including source-code examination) involving computer software, including patent, copyright, trade secret, antitrust, and privacy cases. A special interest is pre-filing investigation of software/internet patent infringement and invalidity. Recent publications include articles on using reverse engineering to detect patent infringement, and to uncover software prior art; and an introduction to factual aspects of software patent litigation.

Software Litigation Consulting also works with a team of programmers and reverse engineers who specialize, for example, in firmware.

CV available here; list of clients for the past ten years available on request under NDA.

Email: undoc@sonic.net

Andrew Schulman is a Senior IT Litigation Consultant with DisputeSoft.

Andrew Schulman
Software Litigation Consulting
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