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2017/01/22 08:33:26 UTC
Predicting Patent Policy Under the Trump Administration | Publications | Shearman & Sterling LLP
The America Invents Act (“AIA”), signed into law by President Obama on September 16, 2011, was the biggest legislative overhaul to the United States patent system since the Patent Act of 1952. Among other changes, the AIA moved the U.S. to a…

Ex parte Itagaki: Has the PTAB gone too far in invalidating patents under 35 USC 101

2017/01/19 04:09:41 UTC
ALJ: Complainant Waived Work Product Protection | Lexology
On January 13, Judge Lord issued the public version of Order 50 in Certain Semiconductor Devices, Semiconductor Device Packages, And Products.

2017/01/18 06:50:24 UTC
Purdue Not Estopped From Raising Invalidity Contentions at Trial That Were Submitted But Not Instituted During IPR | Lexology
Recently, the Federal District Court for the District of New Jersey allowed Purdue Pharma to assert invalidity arguments in the litigation that were.

2017/01/18 06:48:24 UTC
District Court Denies Motion to Withdraw Deemed Admissions | JD Supra
The plaintiff filed an ex parte application to be relieved of admissions that were deemed admitted for failure to respond. In analyzing the ex parte…

2017/01/18 06:46:05 UTC
Federal Circuit Provides Guidance on Divided Infringement, Inducement of Infringement, and Indefiniteness | JD Supra
Patent owners will applaud the Federal Circuit’s latest pronouncement on divided infringement, inducement of infringement, and claim definiteness…

2017/01/18 06:35:32 UTC
Devs reverse-engineer 16,000 Android apps, find secrets and keys to AWS accounts
It’s 2017 and developers are still doing really dumb things

“Ancient”#x2122; Data (and Documents): Prepare for Federal Changes to a Long-standing Hearsay Exception
“Ancient” electronic documents

2017/01/16 05:57:40 UTC
The biggest US patent litigation targets see a big drop off in cases in 2016
The biggest US patent litigation targets see a big drop off in cases in 2016

2017/01/15 11:18:13 UTC
Smart Ways to Perform Patent Invalidity Searches for Mathematical Expressions – GreyB
Different methods to find prior art to perform a patent invalidity search for a patent that claims have mathematical expressions is discussed in the article

2017/01/15 08:04:59 UTC
Neuroscientist’s Attempt to Reverse-Engineer an Atari Ends Badly
‘Donkey Kong’ poses some serious questions about how we study the human brain.

2017/01/14 06:02:47 UTC
Interfaces on Trial 3.0 – policybandwidth
This is the website for my law firm, policybandwidth. I specialize in copyright law and policy relating to the Internet, software, libraries, and educational institutions. I counsel clients, lobby, and write appellate briefs. My website list the many

2017/01/14 06:00:43 UTC
Software Copyright Litigation After Oracle v. Google
Many observers, including me, predicted that the 2014 decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (“CAFC”) in Oracle America v. Google would provoke a new wave of litigation concerning copyright and interoperability. In…

2017/01/13 07:53:21 UTC
2016 Annual Patent Dispute Report
OverviewWhile the volume of patent litigation in district courts dipped in 2016, the number of PTAB challenges stayed flat, approximately matching the number of petitions seen in 2014 and 2015. District court litigation was down 24.8% from 2015 and..

2017/01/13 06:52:59 UTC
DOJ claims VW destroyed records as diesel crisis unfolded
During a press conference Wednesday, officials from the Department of Justice issued indictments for six VW employees, including the former head of engine development at the automaker who …

2017/01/13 06:44:41 UTC
Q4 Litigation Update – Lex Machina
Lex Machina Q4 2016 Litigation Update Patent litigation District Court In the final quarter of 2016, plaintiffs filed 1,140 patent cases, bringing the total for 2016 to 4,520 patent cases. The fourth quarter represents a slight increase over the thir

2017/01/13 02:04:46 UTC
Gust, Inc. v. Alphacap Ventures, LLC (S.D.N.Y. 2016); O2 Media, LLC v. Narrative Science Inc. (N.D. Ill. 2017) | JD Supra
… whether litigating patents ultimately invalidated by Alice rises to the level of “exceptional” under 35 U.S.C.  285 and therefore the prevailing party would be awarded attorneys’ fees …

2017/01/12 03:52:07 UTC
The Future of Forum-Shopping in a Post-TC Heartland World – | Patents & Patent Law
The Federal Circuit’s broad interpretation of the patent-venue statute has led to widespread forum-shopping with a disproportionate number of cases filed…

2017/01/11 11:30:11 UTC
Supreme Court of Missouri Holds No Waiver of Work Product Privilege When Party Rescinds Designation of Expert Witness Without Disclosing the Expert’s Analysis or Conclusions | JD Supra
P endorsed, and later dis-endorsed the expert; D sought deposition of expert… Because P withdrew expert’s designation before disclosure of expert’s opinions and conclusions, there was no disclosing event that waived work product privilege. …

2017/01/11 11:25:45 UTC
“It’s In The Game” – Proof Issues In Software Copyright Infringement Cases | JD Supra
… testimony given as to how the games “appear” was not relevant to the crucial issue as to whether there was substantial similarity in the source code…. it was the source code that was the protected work, not the appearance of the games …

2017/01/11 05:20:33 UTC
ALJ Shaw Denies Motion to Strike in Certain Magnetic Data Storage Tapes (337-TA-1012) | Lexology
“Sony’s supplemental contentions have not unduly prejudiced Fujifilm, who agreed to receive testing data beyond the close of fact discovery….”

2017/01/11 05:14:39 UTC
Pentagon should have direct access to its systems’ source code, Defense Innovation Board says
Secretary Ash Carter’s group of innovators made formal recommendations on Monday, including one to institute a policy on department access to source code.

2017/01/10 10:20:03 UTC
Source Code Protective Orders, from the perspective of a source-code examiner
Attorneys working in software-related litigation (such as patent, copyright, and trade secret cases) often agree to protective order (PO) restrictions on source code access, without thinking through the implications for how the source code will be examined by experts and consultants. Certain common PO restrictions may dramatically increase source-code examination time and expense, or in some instances even possibly affect its thoroughness. (For background on computer software source code, see article here.) As a simple example, consider a software copyright case, in which source code from the

2017/01/09 11:54:32 UTC
How the Fate of Software and Business Method Patents has Turned on USPTO Directors and the Courts
A decade of USPTO data shows ‘software patents’ alive and well, though business methods are on the ropes.

2017/01/06 04:08:15 UTC
Is It or Isn’t It? Patent Eligibility Takes Yet Another Turn In Amdocs Case | Lexology
An interesting case came out of the Federal Circuit in Amdocs (Israel) Limited v. Openet Telecom, Inc., No. 2015-1180, 2016 WL 6440387 (Fed. Cir. Nov.

2017/01/04 06:31:13 UTC
Some patent claim types are better than others
At our previous firm, we would analyze large portfolios, sometimes consisting of thousands of patents, to identify patents to enforce. Leveraging a pa

2017/01/04 06:27:11 UTC
34% Pricing Premium and 41% Better Chance of a Sale. Selling a Patent With or Without Claim Charts?
“I Don’t Look at the Seller’s Claim Charts” or Maybe You Do We regularly hear from our corporate patent buying clients that they do not look at the cl

2017/01/04 05:30:17 UTC
“Cyberwar for Sale”
Interesting article on Hacking Team (“offensive security” company based in Milan), and Remote Control System (RCS), whose source code, along with Hacking Team emails and client list, became available in a searchable database on Wikileaks.

2017/01/04 03:21:30 UTC
Challenge to ITC’s Extraterritorial Authority over Trade Secret Dispute Launched by Chinese Corporation | Lexology
The United States International Trade Commission (“ITC”) is an independent, quasijudicial Federal agency with broad oversight over trade matters. In.

2017/01/03 08:18:23 UTC
7 open source-related legal developments that grabbed headlines in 2016 |
Learn about a few of the many open source-related legal developments that made headlines in 2016.

2017/01/02 09:39:46 UTC
Common claim chart problems in patent litigation
Claim charts (infringement contentions [ICs], invalidity contentions, etc.) are required in patent litigation under the Local Patent Rules (LPRs) adapted in most federal district courts. The rules require something that doesn’t just look like a chart with claims in it. The chart is supposed to provide adequate notice of the party’s theory of infringement or invalidity, with granularity at the level of the elements or steps that make up each claim. “A chart identifying specifically where each limitation of each asserted claim is found within each Accused Instrumentality…” is a typical LPR req

2016/12/31 06:30:36 UTC
The Copyright Office Report on Software-Enabled Consumer Products, Part II: Interoperability and Competition
Copyright Office’s report on Software-Enabled Consumer Products did not adequately address the adverse impact of software licenses on noninfringing conduct. However, author commends the report’s discussion of interoperability.

2016/12/31 12:07:57 UTC
The Lauded Russian Hacker Whose Company Landed on the U.S. Blacklist (Alisa Shevchenko)
The United States’ sanctions list includes the company of a minor celebrity hacker who was once recognized by the American government for her work helping companies fight cybercrime.

2016/12/30 07:55:54 UTC
The Hardware Hacker: Bunnie Huang’s tour-de-force on hardware hacking, reverse engineering, China, manufacturing, innovation and biohacking
I’ve been writing about genius hardware hackers Andrew “bunnie” Huang since 2003, when MIT hung him out to dry over his book explaining how he hacked the original Xbox; the book h.

2016/12/30 05:09:14 UTC
Failure to Introduce Source Code of Original Work Fatal to Claim Against Alleged Derivative Work
The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit affirmed an order dismissing a breach of contract action, finding that the plaintiff failed as a matter of law to establish copyright infringement under t

2016/12/29 05:31:55 UTC
MIT researchers create bug squashing AI ten times better than predecessors – Tech2
The system analysed the general properties of 777 patches in open source programs, and learned about the general properties of the successful patches.

2016/12/29 05:31:17 UTC
Assessing USPTO’s Memo On Software Claim Patent Eligibility – Law360
A recent U.S. Patent and Trademark Office memo to the Patent Examining Corps, in combination with precedential cases from the Federal Circuit, provides guidance to owners of software patents and patent applicants with software claims pending at the…

2016/12/29 05:06:14 UTC
Computer trading code – Why Did Regulator Have It On Personal Computer?
computer trading code Allegations a regulator may have improperly requested computer code and downloaded it to a personal computer

2016/12/28 08:19:51 UTC
2016 Update: Annotated Local Patent Rules For The Northern District Of Illinois – Intellectual Property – United States
In an effort to create greater predictability for patent litigation in the Northern District of Illinois, the District enacted Local Patent Rules (“LPR”) effective as of October 1, 2009.

2016/12/28 08:16:32 UTC
ALJ: Legal Contentions Are Not Confidential | Lexology
On December 16, 2016, Judge Lord issued Order No. 51 in Certain Semiconductor Devices, Semiconductor Device Packages, and Products Containing Same.

2016/12/28 08:15:06 UTC
Kraft case a reminder that Congress should enact patent system reform
OPINION | The case shows why ‘forum shopping’ isn’t so sweet.

2016/12/28 08:13:37 UTC
District Court Strikes Infringement Contentions Pursuant to Doctrine of Equivalents Because They Contained Blanket Assertions That Did Not Comply with the Local Patent Rules | JD Supra
The Defendants filed a motion to strike the Plaintiff’s infringement contentions, including their contentions under the doctrine of equivalents…

2016/12/28 05:52:11 UTC
Defend Trade Secrets Act: Considerations for the Year Ahead
The federal Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) was enacted in May 2016 in large part to create a uniform national standard for trade secrets litigation, and.

2016/12/27 07:32:43 UTC
Patent Infringement Pleading Standards Since the Abrogation of Rule 84 and Form 18: A Year in Review
Under the pleading standards of Twombly and Iqbal, a complaint must be dismissed unless it alleges stating a claim to relief that is plausible on its face.

2016/12/27 07:24:55 UTC
These three 2016 cases gave new life to software patents
It’s harder, but not impossible, for owners of software patents to win cases.

2016/12/22 06:21:22 UTC
Software, 2017: Does Alice live here any more?
Federal Circuit judges spar over software patents. Will they ever agree?

2016/12/22 06:06:29 UTC
Claim charts for patent litigation: preface to forthcoming book
This is the preface to a forthcoming book, Claim Charts: Marshaling Facts in Patent Litigation, by Andrew Schulman ( For another excerpt from the book, see Introduction to claim charts. For outlines of the entire book’s contents, and unedited draft material, see Claim charts book. Other sections of the book, covering common claim-chart problems and the underlying purposes/policies for claim-chart requirements, will also be provided on LinkedIn. Preface Claim charts perform a major role in patent litigation. Also known as claims tables, infringement contentions

2016/12/22 05:11:52 UTC
Blockchain patent filings by Goldman, others tip future cost risk
In the headlong rush to revolutionise modern finance, blockchain enthusiasts are overlooking one potentially costly problem.

2016/12/22 05:01:47 UTC
CAFC affirms default judgment, permanent Injunction requiring defendant to turn over mold – | Patents & Patent Law
Permanent injunction may enjoin substantially similar products and may require surrendering a crucial enabling work piece, such as a mold, even though…

2016/12/22 02:28:32 UTC
Not Just a Formality? USPTO Sequence Rules May Impact Existing Biotech Portfolios |
Not Just a Formality? USPTO Sequence Rules May Impact Existing Biotech Portfolios. Written by Scott Siera, Ph.D. and Agnes Juang, Ph.D. Patent applications containing nucleic acid or protein sequences are required to include an electronic…

2016/12/21 11:45:40 UTC
CAFC Explains PTAB Expertise & Its Role In IPR Fact Finding | Lexology
AIA trial practices of the Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB) are often analogized to that of the district courts. Yet, in practice, there are more.

2016/12/21 11:43:50 UTC
Evidentiary Thresholds for Establishing Prior Public Use in Post-Grant Proceedings | JD Supra
Petitioners in post-grant review (PGR) and covered business method (CBM) proceedings have a greater arsenal of prior art to develop patentability…

2016/12/21 07:42:01 UTC
Revised Chinese patent guidelines mean better prospects for software, business methods than U.S. – | Patents & Patent Law
The Chinese Patent Office recently released a new set of guidelines for Chinese patent examiners making China friendlier to software patents than the U.S.

2016/12/21 07:34:21 UTC
John Deere Really Doesn’t Want You to Own That Tractor
John Deere is at it again, trying to strip customers of the right to open up and repair their own property. In the new License Agreement for John Deere Embedded Software [PDF], customers are forbidden to exercise their repair rights or to even look a

2016/12/21 01:33:36 UTC
New study shows wide gap in litigation success rates on acquired patents
New study shows wide gap in litigation success rates on acquired patents … the patent owner won in 21.1% of the cases for patents that they had bought and in 28% of the cases for patents they had developed in-house …

2016/12/21 12:15:43 UTC
BlackBerry’s deal with TCL leaves the company free to focus on monetising its patents and technology
BlackBerry’s deal with TCL leaves the company free to focus on monetising its patents and technology

2016/12/20 02:19:54 UTC
Hiding in plain sight: Using reverse engineering to uncover (or help show absence of) software patent infringement
[While the opening to this article is admittedly long-winded, taking too long to come to the point, the point is nonetheless a useful and important one, and hopefully worth wading through. Or just jump ahead to the paragraph “Under FRCP Rule 11…”.] Imagine a building site where some event has occurred, and imagine some litigation about the event. Both sides are staring at the blueprints, but no one has even thought to visit the building site. Of course, blueprints present a lot of information not apparent from a building or jobsite. But since “as built” construction diverges considerably fro

2016/12/20 01:05:32 UTC
Accountants and spies: The secret history of Deloitte’s espionage practice
How Deloitte used veteran CIA officers shows just how intense the competition between major accounting firms is.

2016/12/19 10:30:48 UTC
Post-Alice Section 101 Eligibility Roadmap for Software Inventions | Lexology
In the wake of Alice the waters of eligibility under section 101 can be challenging to navigate, and particularly so for those seeking to obtain or.

2016/12/19 07:19:58 UTC
New Federal Rule of Evidence to Directly Impact Computer Forensics and eDiscovery Preservation Best Practices
Federal Rule of Evidence 902(14) impact on eDiscovery collection best practices and computer forensics

2016/12/19 07:16:52 UTC
Court decisions protect a litigant’s right to choose eDiscovery methods
Courts are affirming The Sedona Conference Principle No. 6, which expressly protects litigants’ rights to choose their own eDiscovery methods.

2016/12/18 11:41:24 UTC
Claim charts for patent litigation: a brief introduction
A claim chart takes the “business end” of a patent – its claims – and breaks those claims down into parts or components (for patented devices) or into steps (for patented methods or processes), comparing each part or step in the patent claim on the one hand, with a corresponding part or step found somewhere else, usually in a product or system accused of infringing the patent or in a piece of prior art being used to try to invalidate a patent claim. Like so: (The left column here represents a portion of US 4,097,899 claim 12, and the imaginary infringement facts in the right column are based o

2016/12/18 09:31:30 UTC
Improving Patent Eligibility for Your Software Despite the Prohibition of Patent Protection for “Abstract Ideas” | JD Supra
As technologies advance, the Patent Office (as well as the Nation’s courts) must utilize Section 101 of the Patent Act to place reasonable limitations…

2016/12/18 09:29:37 UTC
Amdocs v. Openet: Opening a Software Rift in Alice’s Wonderland | Lexology
Echoing the recent decisions that the Alice test did not render specific software patents ineligible in cases such as McRo and DDR Holding, the.

2016/12/18 01:30:46 UTC
DMCA Exemptions Lift Hacking Restrictions
White hat hackers can hack cars, medical devices and home IoT devices without fear of running amiss of DMCA laws that prevent reverse engineering.

2016/12/18 01:29:30 UTC
DMCA Ruling Ensures You Can’t Be Sued For Hacking Your Car, Your Games Or Your iPhone
An exemption in the DMCA paves the way for car, game and iPhone hackers to do as they please with their connected machines. But the exemption only lasts for three years, and won’t come into force until 2016…

2016/12/17 09:38:47 UTC
Reverse engineering as a fact-investigation tool in software patent litigation
Frequently-asked questions (or frequently-held assumptions) about using reverse engineering as a litigation tool in software/internet patent cases: “Where else would you look, to determine infringement, besides the source code?” Anyone who has litigated software/internet patents, has probably heard (or even thought) something like the following: “There’s only so much we can do about factual investigation, until we get the other side’s source code.” “Where else would you look, to determine infringement, besides the source code?” “Source code is basically the only place to find out if a patent c

2016/12/17 06:41:42 UTC
Software Patent Eligibility May Be Informed by Copyright Law
Dissents in two recently decided cases suggest that patent eligibility of ‘intangible’ inventions finds analogies in copyright eligibility.

2016/12/16 09:25:40 UTC
New Exchange Is Formed for Trading Patent Rights
The Intellectual Property Exchange International, or IPXI, wants to make the patent licensing marketplace more transparent.

2016/12/16 07:26:34 UTC
Hiding in Plain Sight: Using Reverse Engineering to Uncover (or Help Show Absence of) Software Patent Infringement
Hiding in Plain Sight: Using Reverse Engineering to Uncover (or Help Show Absence of) Software Patent Infringement By Andrew Schulman Imagine a building site where some event has occurred, and imagine some litigation about the event. Both sides…

2016/12/16 04:58:40 UTC
Computer software source code and e-discovery
While electronic discovery (e-discovery) focuses largely on data stored in or generated by computers, there is an additional area whose handling is becoming an essential e-discovery skill: code, that is, the software which computers run in order to create and process data. This article quickly compares and contrasts source code (the most readable type of software evidence) with e-discovery generally, noting cases the reader may consult for more details (most are federal patent cases; some are cited for fact patterns rather than for the central holding in the case). For a discussion of source-c

2016/12/16 04:29:55 UTC
Source code examination for litigation: a few basics and FAQs
Source-code examination is not like searching any other form of text. Computer source code conforms to rules. These rules are dictated by programming languages, platforms (such as Android, Windows, or the Apple iOS and OSX operating systems), APIs (application programming interfaces), and other constraints (e.g. interoperability with other software and with devices). In addition, there is typically too much code to read all of it, and much depends on the proper selection of areas requiring close reading. These two attributes of source code — its structured nature, combined with its typically

2016/12/16 04:04:08 UTC
Important Security Information for Yahoo Users
By Bob Lord, CISO Following a recent investigation, we’ve identified data security issues concerning certain Yahoo user accounts. We’ve taken steps to secure those user accounts and we’re working closely with law enforcement. What happened? As we…

2016/12/15 03:46:42 UTC
Failure to produce source code precluded jury’s verdict that EA owed royalties to developer of first Madden video game
By Cheryl Beise, J.D. The federal district court in San Francisco properly granted judgment as a matter of law (JMOL) to Electronic Arts, Inc. (EA), on copyright infringement and

2016/12/15 02:50:07 UTC
Arista beats Cisco’s $335M copyright claim with an unusual defense
Jury found that Cisco command lines were “scènes à faire.”

2016/12/15 12:01:59 UTC
Goodbye E.D.Texas as a Major Patent Venue
by Dennis Crouch In a case with the potential to truly shake-up the current state of patent litigation, the Supreme Court .

2016/12/14 07:08:22 UTC
API Copyrightability Bleak House: Unraveling the Oracle v. Google Jurisdictional Mess
Like Dickens’ tale of Jarndyce and Jarndyce, the Oracle v. Google litigation has droned on for what seems like generations in the software industry with

2016/12/14 05:05:55 UTC
Learning Linux Binary Analysis

2016/12/14 04:56:12 UTC
Patentability of Business Methods, Software and Other Methods, 2016 Edition

2016/12/14 04:41:30 UTC
CO Court of Appeals: Protecting a `Trade Secret’ Doesn’t Make It One
`Unusual’ trade secrets case yields lessons for companies on secret status and agreements When taking steps to protect a trade secret, companies should make sure it’s a secret to begin with, according to a new opinion by the Colorado Court of Appeals

2016/12/14 04:36:29 UTC
M&A deals imperilled by failure to manage open source software risk, says expert
Phil Odence, general manager of Black Duck On-Demand Audits, which carries out software audits in the context of mergers and acquisitions (M&As), told that he was personally aware of a 12 week delay to one deal as a result of concerns…

2016/12/13 06:30:36 UTC
Can a YouTube video be submitted as prior art?
I’m trying to determine whether there is evidence that definitively confirms that a YouTube video can be submitted as prior art.If there is an example of one being used as the grounds for rejecti…

2016/12/13 05:18:48 UTC
Was the Robber 6-foot-3 or 5-foot-6?
Testing the reliability of video analysis.

2016/12/12 07:04:06 UTC
The code that took America to the moon was just published to GitHub, and it’s like a 1960s time capsule
When programmers at the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory set out to develop the flight software for the Apollo 11 space program in the mid-1960s, the necessary technology did not exist. They had to invent it.

2016/12/12 07:01:09 UTC
The (Suprisingly Funny) Code for the Apollo Moon Landings Is Now on GitHub

2016/12/05 07:32:46 UTC
Alleging theft of trade secrets, Zynga takes 2 ex-employees to court
This week Zynga filed a lawsuit against ex-employees Massimo Maietti and Ehud Barlach, as well as their new employer Scopely, alleging that the pair pilfered valuable trade secrets when they quit.

2016/12/05 07:25:08 UTC
Microsoft, Intel, Others Oppose China Plans to Get Access to Source Code
“How is that supposed to boost security?” Microsoft asks

2016/12/02 08:11:40 UTC
Software reverse engineering & source-code exam
Software tools, books, and articles about software reverse engineering, and source-code examination, especially as used in litigation, and analysis of infringement and non-infringement of software patents, copyright, and trade secrets. Also some…

2016/12/02 07:31:55 UTC
Electronic voting machines are broken-and here’s the code to prove it
‘To [senators], ‘certified’ is like putting ‘organic’ on a yogurt cup.’

2016/12/02 07:22:51 UTC
Inside Android’s source code… // TODO – Finish file encryption later
Android 7.0’s crypto sauce is ‘half-baked’ and Google promises to make it better, soon

2016/12/02 06:33:11 UTC
“Fatal” security bugs discovered in defibrillators and medical implants
Researchers in the U.K. and Belgium found potentially “fatal” security vulnerabilities in medical devices like defibrillators that allowed hackers to steal sensitive healthcare data and alter the functions of the devices.

2016/12/02 05:59:02 UTC
Supreme Court May Consider ITC’s Authority Over Trade Secret Matters – Intellectual Property – United States
Here at TSW, we continue to watch closely developments in the Sino Legend v. ITC case.

2016/12/01 08:01:13 UTC
A Guide to Software Patent Eligibility at the Federal Circuit – | Patents & Patent Law
The Alice/Mayo framework is the decisional approach adopted by the Supreme Court for determining if software patent claims are patent eligible. Recently…

2016/12/01 07:58:14 UTC
Flash Crash Fears Subvert Trade Secret Protection of Source Code – Trade Secrets Trends
On November 4, 2016, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission approved a supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking concerning its access to algorithm


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