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2017/03/15 07:39:43 UTC
Teaching Students to Marshal Evidence and Evaluate Claims
Higher education can help teach students critical thinking to marshal
evidence and evaluate claims, bringing scholarly best practices to
the modern web. Jon Udell,

2017/03/14 08:31:35 UTC
The Hardware Hacker: Adventures in Making and Breaking Hardware
The Hardware Hacker: Adventures in Making and Breaking Hardware [Andrew ‘bunnie’ Huang] on Hardware, says Bunnie Huang, is a world without secrets: if you go deep enough, even the most important key is…

2017/03/13 11:02:10 UTC
‘Zero-Day’? Hacking Vulnerabilities Can Last For Years – Study
Despite bug bounty programs seeking to find these flaws, it can take 7 years for exploits to be found

2017/03/13 10:58:51 UTC
Using Functional Language to Define the Capabilities of Structure
35 USC  112(b) requires that the specification of a patent conclude with one or more claims particularly pointing out and distinctly claiming the…

2017/03/13 05:24:41 UTC
How Much Did the Federal Circuit Narrow Eligibility for Covered Business Method Review
In November of last year, the Federal Circuit narrowed the types of patents eligible for covered business method review in Unwired Planet, LLC v. Google Inc….

2017/03/13 05:19:42 UTC
Supreme Court decision in Life Technologies v. Promega does not relieve manufacturers from the risk – | Patents & Patent Law
The decision in Promega does not relieve manufacturers from risk that their single-part product can be used inadvertently to infringe a US Patent overseas.

2017/03/12 07:35:20 UTC
The FBI’s Secret Rules – An Investigative Series by The Intercept
President Trump has inherited a vast domestic intelligence agency with extraordinary secret powers. A cache of documents offers a rare window into the FBI’s quiet expansion since 9/11.

2017/03/12 07:29:45 UTC
WikiLeaks Files Show the CIA Repurposing Hacking Code To Save Time, Not To Frame Russia
WikiLeaks said CIA hackers impersonated foreign hackers. In fact, the files simply showed re-use of code – in ways that implicated no one else.

2017/03/10 07:17:12 UTC
Search Engine for Source Code
Search engine for source code – ultimate solution for digital marketing and affiliate marketing research.

2017/03/10 05:02:18 UTC
WikiLeaks Will Help Tech Companies Fix Security Flaws, Assange Says
The WikiLeaks founder said the group would work with Apple and Google to give them exclusive access on the technical details that have allowed the C.I.A. to hack their devices.

2017/03/09 04:52:55 UTC
WikiLeaks will give tech firms access to CIA hacking tools: Assange
WikiLeaks published documents this week it said revealed the tools the CIA used to break into smartphones, computers and TVs.

2017/03/08 06:47:22 UTC
Wikileaks’ CIA dump looks like a dud for now
Wikileaks’ latest data dump, the Vault 7, purporting to reveal the Central Intelligence Agency’s hacking tools, appears to be something of a dud.

2017/03/08 05:34:43 UTC
Finding Prior Art in the Most Unusual Places
Searching perfect prior art for a patent is an art. A prior art that can invalidate an issued patent or render a patent application not novel is what every prior art searcher aims to find. Searching for prior art not only requires knowledge of…

2017/03/08 05:28:34 UTC
Intellectual Ventures: XML Patent Invalid
by Dennis Crouch Intellectual Ventures v. Capital One (Fed. Cir. 2017) In parallel decisions, the Federal Circuit has affirmed two .

2017/03/07 07:40:44 UTC
Edward Snowden: WikiLeaks document dump on CIA hacking capability ‘looks authentic’
Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden said on Tuesday that the WikiLeaks dump of what it claims to be more than 8,700 documents from the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence looks authentic and is genuinely a big deal. WikiLeaks announced that its…

2017/03/07 04:22:53 UTC
WikiLeaks Releases Trove of Alleged C.I.A. Hacking Documents
The documents describe agency tools used to hack into smartphones and TVs, as well as to bypass encryption on programs like Signal and WhatsApp.

2017/03/06 05:43:07 UTC
Patent Drafting Tip: A comma affects meaning of items in list – | Patents & Patent Law
The issue was whether the comma in the phrase ‘, otherwise available to the public’ meant that the phrase also modifies the phrase ‘on sale. At least one…

2017/03/06 05:40:45 UTC
What’s happened to software inventions? Five changes in patent eligibility: Frost Brown Todd Law Firm
This isn’t the first time courts have tried to issue new rules to rein in what they see as an out of control patent system. After such a flurry of activity, it seems reasonable to wonder what remains of what we thought we knew about subject matter…

2017/03/06 05:35:01 UTC
One Weird Trick to Beat Alice Rejections (Examiners HATE This!) – GreyB
The Alice v. CLS Bank has had a tremendous impact on how the patent office treats applications for business method inventions. Indeed, since the Supreme Court’s decision in Alice, the allowance rate for class 705 (Data Processing: Financial,…

2017/03/05 06:14:09 UTC
Software patents fight back in the US as Federal Circuit decisions begin to influence lower courts
Software patents fight back in the US as Federal Circuit decisions begin to influence lower courts

2017/03/03 08:07:13 UTC
How Uber Used Secret Greyball Tool to Deceive Authorities Worldwide
A program uses data Uber collected to evade law enforcement in cities that resist the ride-hailing service, some current and former Uber employees said.

2017/03/03 05:45:24 UTC
Q&A: Encoding a Classic Film, Computer Operating System in DNA | The Scientist Magaziner
A conversation with computer scientist Yaniv Erlich

2017/03/03 01:42:32 UTC
U.S. appeals court tosses patent verdict against Apple
(Reuters) – A federal appeals court has thrown out a jury verdict that had originally required Apple Inc to pay $533 million to Smartflash LLC, a technology developer and licenser that claimed Apple’s iTunes software infringed its data storage pa

2017/03/02 02:13:39 UTC
Revisiting the Standard NDA After ZeniMax v. Oculus – | Patents & Patent Law
Entering into an NDA before disclosing confidential information is very important, whether you will discuss potential commercial transactions, funding or…

2017/03/02 02:08:20 UTC
All Trade Secrets Must Be Secret; But Not All Secrets are Trade Secrets
A pair of recent cases illustrate two important interrelated points about trade secret law: First, all trade secrets must be secret. Second, and less…

2017/02/24 09:40:25 UTC
Security researchers announce first practical SHA-1 collision attack
CWI institute in Amsterdam working with a team from Google Research say they have found a faster way to compromise the SHA-1 hash algorithm – announcing what they describe as the first practical technique for generating a SHA-1 collision…

2017/02/23 06:16:20 UTC
AI learns to write its own code by stealing from other programs
Software called DeepCoder has solved simple programming challenges by piecing together bits of borrowed code

2017/02/22 05:15:59 UTC
Stark Strikes Intellectual Ventures’ Infringement Contentions Ahead of Trial
In a recently unsealed order, a Delaware federal judge last week chipped away at some of Intellectual Ventures’ infringement contentions against AT&T Mobility, finding that the plaintiff had not provided adequate notice for its literal…

2017/02/21 09:42:28 UTC
Xilinx, Inc. v. Papst Licensing GmbH & Co. KG (Fed. Cir. 2017)
Personal Jurisdiction Exists Due to Warning Letters and Prior Litigations in Forum – Establishing personal jurisdiction in the…

2017/02/21 05:08:27 UTC
Flipping Bits and Opening Doors: Reverse Engineering the Linear Wireless Security DX Protocol
A security researcher on the Duo Labs team details how he found several vulnerabilities in a wireless physical security system.

2017/02/20 12:21:48 UTC
District of New Jersey Amends Local Patent Rules | Lexology
On February 1, 2017, Chief Judge Simandle issued an Order, effective immediately, amending certain Local Patent Rules for the District of New Jersey.

2017/02/19 06:16:54 UTC
Colorado Court Overturns $1.3 Million Trade Secret Award Because Design Isn’t Secret
Businesses often go to great lengths to protect the secrecy of an essential product design or valuable manufacturing process. But if that design or process is commonly known in the industry, it isn&rs

2017/02/17 07:19:33 UTC
Self-driving cars are mostly getting better at navigating California’s public roads
Human drivers have to take over far less often.

2017/02/16 10:37:58 UTC
Semantic Coloration
Great Exploration Utility ????? Fantastic tool that keeps getting better. Hopper is an affordable disassembler that supports scripting (in Python). A great tool if you ever need to take apart code for debugging, or just learning. Disassembles Mach-O,

2017/02/16 10:31:02 UTC
Android Apk decompiler
Android application package (APK) is the package file format used to distribute and install application software onto Google’s Android operating system. This site uses a perfect open-source APK and DEX decompiler called Jadx:…

2017/02/16 10:30:12 UTC
.JAR and .Class to Java decompiler
Java decompilers online: *JAD, *JDCore, *Procyon, *Fernflower, *CFR. A user interface to extract source code from .class and .jar `binary’ files.

2017/02/16 10:22:21 UTC
An open-source x64/x32 debugger for windows.
All the donators!, Everybody adding issues!, People I forgot to add to this list, EXETools community, Tuts4You community, ReSharper, Coverity, acidflash, cyberbob, cypher, Teddy Rogers, TEAM DVT, DMichael, Artic, ahmadmansoor, _pusher_, firelegend,..

2017/02/16 10:20:18 UTC

2017/02/16 10:18:05 UTC
What JSNice does for you ?
By using this service you warrant that all your entries are in your sole responsibility and do not infringe any laws or third-party rights like copyrights and the like. ETH and its employees cannot be held liable in any way. All entries are logged fo

2017/02/16 10:15:25 UTC
Talks (Invited, Keynote, etc)
The increased availability of massive codebases, sometimes referred to as Big Code, creates a unique opportunity for new kinds of programming tools and techniques (e.g. analysis and synthesis) based on machine learning and statistical models. These

2017/02/16 10:13:31 UTC
Learning From Big Code

2017/02/16 03:10:11 UTC
Plaintiff in patent infringement case pled facts on information in belief that it should have known; complaint dismissed.

2017/02/15 08:19:28 UTC
DeGuard: Statistical Deobfuscation for Android
DeGuard reverses the process of obfuscation performed by Android obfuscation tools. This enables numerous security analyses, including code inspection and predicting libraries.

2017/02/14 09:06:28 UTC
Practical Reverse Engineering Part 5 – Digging Through the Firmware
14 Dec 2016 In part 4 we extracted the entire firmware from the router and decompressed it. As I explained then, you can often get most of the firmware directly from the manufacturer’s website: Firmware upgrade binaries often contain partial or entir

2017/02/14 08:46:49 UTC
Practical Reverse Engineering Part 1 – Hunting for Debug Ports
08 Apr 2016 In this series of posts we’re gonna go through the process of Reverse Engineering a router. More specifically, a Huawei HG533. At the earliest stages, this is the most basic kind of reverse engineering. We’re simple looking for a serial..

2017/02/14 03:18:33 UTC
BullsEye Quiz: Moves to Discover Their Expert’s Emails
Feeling savvy? Test your expert witness discovery know-how with this quiz. Which of These Emails Can You Get? 1. Sneed’s Email Providing Sales Figures: GET 2. Pistol’s Draft Report and Expert Fees: GET (the email, not the attachment) 3. The…

2017/02/14 02:54:25 UTC
Nebraska Daubert Order Finds Expert a Mile Wide at the Mouth, But Only Six Inches Deep | Lexology
A case from Douglas County, Nebraska, caught our eye this week for a couple of reasons. It’s a great Daubert order in an Accutane case in Nebraska.

2017/02/14 02:45:35 UTC
The ITC: Reviewing 2016 and Looking Ahead | Lexology
The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC or Commission) is a popular venue for resolving unfair trade practices, including patent disputes.

2017/02/14 02:41:51 UTC
Preliminary injunction affirmed despite initiation of PTAB post-grant review proceeding | Lexology
The Federal Circuit recently affirmed a district court’s granting of a preliminary injunction barring the alleged infringer from selling its Balloon.

2017/02/14 02:38:58 UTC
Drug manufacturers cannot avoid infringement by dividing method between physicians and patients | Lexology
The Federal Circuit recently stated that a physician may directly infringe a Patented method for drug administration, even when the infringing steps.

2017/02/14 02:31:03 UTC
Bounty or Bug Programs: A How-To Guide | Lexology
Data security officers typically look for security risks by monitoring reports from automated security systems, listening to employees’ reports of.

2017/02/14 02:22:43 UTC
Scan-to-Email Patent Finally Done; Claim Scope Broadened by Narrow Provisional Application
MPHJ Tech v. Ricoh (Fed. Cir. 2017)[16-1243-opinion-2-9-2017-11] MPHJ’s patent enforcement campaign helped revive calls for further reform of the patent .

2017/02/13 06:12:48 UTC
What to Expect From Neil Gorsuch on IP, Patents and Trade Secrets
Though Gorsuch’s views on patents are mostly unknown, the Tenth Circuit judge has had plenty to say in other areas of intellectual property. And attorneys se…

2017/02/13 06:05:43 UTC
Oracle continues legal fight with Google, lawsuit not yet over
These two tech giants have been at it for seven years, and we’re still not done. Oracle has filed an appeal to overturn the decision of a federal court saying

2017/02/13 05:30:13 UTC
Yahoo Class Action Says Small Businesses Affected by Massive Data Breaches
Yahoo failed to adequately protect its small business customers’ sensitive information from two data breaches, according to a class action lawsuit.

2017/02/13 05:26:22 UTC
Yahoo hit with data-breach class-action lawsuit claiming credit-card details stolen
After two huge breaches of users’ data, troubled Yahoo has been hit with another class-action lawsuit, this one claiming credit card information was stolen.

2017/02/13 03:58:37 UTC
4 Tips For Crafting Effective Post-Halo Opinion Letters – Law360
The U.S. Supreme Court’s Halo ruling, which made it easier for judges to award enhanced damages in patent cases, has reawakened interest among companies in getting noninfringement opinions from counsel as a defense. Here, attorneys discuss how to…

2017/02/12 06:54:48 UTC
Machine Learning at Heart of Security M&A Splurge | Light Reading
Four acquisitions in a week all point to the growing importance of machine learning for major security system vendors.

2017/02/12 06:38:16 UTC
Alibaba Will No Longer Act on Notice & Take Down Requests from IP Agencies
Alibaba Group Holding alleged on Thursday that several intellectual property (IP) firms have taken to filing unsubstantiated complaints against vendors on its e-commerce platforms. Hangzhou Wangwei Technology and a number of other native Chinese IP…

2017/02/12 06:21:12 UTC
Spyware’s Odd Targets: Backers of Mexico’s Soda Tax
The first hints that the phones of nutrition policy makers were infected were strange messages from unknown contacts.

2017/02/11 12:27:36 UTC
Banking Is Only The Start: 27 Big Industries Where Blockchain Could Be Used
Banking and payments aren’t the only industries that could be affected by blockchain tech. Law enforcement, ride hailing, and charity also could be transformed.

2017/02/10 06:39:22 UTC
TC Heartland v. Kraft: Awaiting a 2017 Supreme Court Decision with Potentially Significant Implications for Patent Litigation
Patent litigation continues to be concentrated in a small number of venues. Of the 4530 patent cases filed in 2016, for example, patentees chose the Eastern District of Texas more than one third of the time (1661 cases).1 In fact, patentees filed…

2017/02/10 06:29:36 UTC
Setting Up the Scope of IPR Estoppel for the Federal Circuit
Notes: [1] Intellectual Ventures I LLC et al. v. Toshiba Corp. et al. ( IV), Civ. No. 13-453-SLR (D. Del. Jan. 11, 2017). [2] Id. (Dec. 19, 2016 order at 1). [6] Id. (Jan. 11, 2017 order at 1) While it was not disputed that the ground at question..

2017/02/10 06:19:51 UTC
Will Broadest Reasonable Interpretation in IPRs Get Trumped? It’s Possible | Lexology
In 2016, the Federal Circuit and the Supreme Court both resolved that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).

2017/02/10 06:11:50 UTC
Plan for $10 Billion Chip Plant Shows China’s Growing Pull
The project by the California-based GlobalFoundries is an interesting counterpoint to the recent high-profile announcement from Intel.

2017/02/10 05:56:26 UTC
SIPO targets relief of overburdened patent processing system
The State Intellectual Property Office has taken steps to relieve the pressure on China’s patent examinations system in the wake of the rapidly increasing number of applications in recent years.

2017/02/10 05:44:41 UTC
Inside Baseball Teams’ Battle to Keep Their Secrets Safe
Hacking isn’t the only threat to information creep

2017/02/10 05:38:57 UTC
Battle-Of-The-Stays – Chalk Up Another Victory to the Petitioners | Lexology
The multiple flavors of review and prosecution at the Patent Office produce an environment where a patent family could be subject to inconsistent.

2017/02/10 05:31:19 UTC
Federal Circuit Dismisses Appeal where IPR Petitioner Lacked Standing to Appeal | Lexology
In Phigenix, Inc. v. ImmunoGen, Inc., No. 2016-1544 (Fed. Cir. Jan. 9, 2017), the Federal Circuit dismissed, for lack of standing under Article III.

2017/02/10 05:27:47 UTC
Judge Rejects Attorney Fee Bid in Patent Case
U.S. District Judge Nora Barry Fischer said litigation tactics employed in a suit over an infant chair didn’t qualify as exceptional.

2017/02/10 05:24:47 UTC
District of New Jersey Amends Local Patent Rules | Lexology
On February 1, 2017, Chief Judge Simandle issued an Order, effective immediately, amending certain Local Patent Rules for the District of New Jersey.

2017/02/09 07:11:58 UTC
NSA contractor indicted over mammoth theft of classified data
(Reuters) – A former National Security Agency contractor was indicted on Wednesday by a federal grand jury on charges he willfully retained national defense information, in what U.S. officials have said may have been the largest heist of classifi

2017/02/09 07:08:55 UTC
What Schulhauser Means For Conditional Claim Limitations – Law360
For the first time since 2013, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board recently designated a decision on an ex parte appeal as precedential. In view of this ruling in Schulhauser, method claims should be drafted such that any condition precedent required…


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