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Recent news re: source code, software reverse engineering, patent litigation, etc.

2017/06/24 06:03:51 Brutal Kangaroo USB malware could be reverse engineered Reverse engineering is a potential threat of the Brutal Kangaroo USB malware, which had details — but no code — leaked by WikiLeaks. 2017/06/24 04:28:49 Symantec won’t allow Russia to examine its source code over security fears Symantec is worried that giving Russia access to […]

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Windows Resource Dumper (resdump) from Clive Turvey

Clive Turvey has re-released the resource dumper for Windows that he and I first worked on back in the early 1990s. Yes, a utility first written in 1992 still works to display the internal representation of menus, dialogs, and other resources in Windows executable files: RESDUMP v8.02c – Windows Resource Dumper – FREEWARE Edition Copyright […]

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Clive Turvey’s dumppe and dumppdb utilities for Windows PE and debug symbol files

Clive Turvey has written some excellent tools for extracting information from Windows PE executable (exe, dll, sys, etc.) files, and from Windows PDB debug symbol files. Clive has given me permission to host these. Download zip file containing dumppe, dumppdb, dumplx, and guid.dat and win32_dll_ord.dat files (see below):¬† I will be using these tools (among […]

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