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Recent news on source code, reverse engineering, software patent litigation

2017/09/25 Cameras in Custom ROMs: How Developers Make Hardware Work without Source Code Without source code, how do developers get hardware components such as cameras working in custom ROMs? The answer is a BLOB, shim, and lots of debugging. Shimming 2017/09/25 Stepping up security in chip design: Texplained Headquartered in Valbonne, South of France, start-up […]

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Recent news re: source code, software reverse engineering, patent litigation, etc.

2017/06/24 06:03:51 Brutal Kangaroo USB malware could be reverse engineered Reverse engineering is a potential threat of the Brutal Kangaroo USB malware, which had details — but no code — leaked by WikiLeaks. 2017/06/24 04:28:49 Symantec won’t allow Russia to examine its source code over security fears Symantec is worried that giving Russia access to […]

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Windows Resource Dumper (resdump) from Clive Turvey

Clive Turvey has re-released the resource dumper for Windows that he and I first worked on back in the early 1990s. Yes, a utility first written in 1992 still works to display the internal representation of menus, dialogs, and other resources in Windows executable files: RESDUMP v8.02c – Windows Resource Dumper – FREEWARE Edition Copyright […]

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